We have 20 items of equipment available for hire, on either Daily or Long-Term Hire

We have 11 Scooters, all of which are 4mph Scooters and must be used on the pavement where possible, not the road. You will be trained on how to use these before your first use. 

Three of these are travel scooters which are ideal for taking on Long-Term Hire as they can be folded to fit into a car boot. 

The other 8 are all standard 4mph scooters and are sturdy and safe for daily use around Enniskillen and Fermanagh. 

We also have 9 manual wheelchairs; both transit (need to be pushed) and self-propelling (large rear wheels). If you are unsure of your requirements, please feel free to discuss these with us.

Please see details of our equipment below:

Standard 4mph Scooter
  Travel Scooter #2
  Travel Scooter #2 for loading
  Self-Propelling Wheelchair
  Transit Wheelchair

Our Standard 4mph Scooter. Used for Daily Hire and some Long-Term Hire on request. Full battery will last for up to 18 Miles depending on the terrain.

The Apex Finesse has an operating weight limit of 28 stone and the Mercury Neo 21 stone.

Suitable for all Enniskillen shopping areas.

Charge every night after usage.

Our 2 Travel Scooters are used primarily for Long-Term Hire.      

A full battery will last up to 12 miles, depending on the  terrain. Two have an operating weight limit of 21 stone, 1 has a limit of 18 stone.

Users always have good reports of how useful it is to have something that can fit into the boot of the car, allowing them to go to all the places they want to visit on holiday.

Charge every night after usage.

This picture is for information on the travel scooters when they are reduced to their travel parts. Each can be broken down to 5 parts and placed in the boot of a car or in footwells etc. depending on the size of the vehicle used.

Our Standard Self-Propelling Wheelchair. Adjustable depending on requirements.

Available for Daily and Long-Term Hire. 

Our Transit Wheelchair. Adjustable depending on requirements.

Available for Daily and Long-Term Hire.